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I'm a comic artist and freelance illustrator currently living in Nashville, TN.  I have a MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD: College of Creative Careers, and a BS in Hypermedia from the University of New Orleans. While I'm skilled with a variety of media, my favorites include watercolor and alcohol based marker rendering.  When I'm not working on illustration or comics, I'm usually attending conventions, presenting panels, or updating this blog.  My hobbies mainly revolve around art and finding new inspiration- I enjoy testing and reviewing art supplies, going on sketch adventures, and volunteering my artistic knowledge in a variety of ways including teaching.

My focus is kid friendly media, and this includes my current comic project, 7" Kara.  I enjoy working for others, working on personal projects, and collaborating with other artists.  I try to avoid posting my freelance work on this blog out of respect for my employers, so the vast majority of the work on this blog is either personal or one-off commissions.

This blog is where I share my art, my work process, as well as information intended to educate and inform other artists and potential artists.  I review art supplies, create tutorials, and review conventions regularly.  You can find more tutorials, reviews, and demonstrations at my YouTube channel as well.

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